Looking To Live Tiny? How To Convert A Commercial Truck Into A House On Wheels

Are you interested in joining the tiny house movement? It is an excellent way to live mortgage-free, reduce your carbon footprint on the planet, and live more simply so you know what is really important. While there are many different ways to build a tiny house, and lots of different materials you can use, you may want to consider building a mobile tiny house. People who love to travel and who have jobs that allow them freedom of location do this. Some people build entire houses on top of flat bed trucks, while others convert semi trucks into luxurious homes on wheels.

If you're interested in making a semi truck your home, here's how to do it.

1. Find a Good Used Truck

You want a used truck, as that will be the least expensive. Online classified ads and dealers who handle used semi truck sales are good places to start looking for your new house on wheels.

2. Dress Up the Outside of the Truck

Other than the cab and the wheels, your truck home should look like a real house. It will be more attractive and practical for you to live in this way. Here are some of the first things you should do to the truck:

  • Paint the outside an attractive color that makes it look like a regular house. White, light blue, yellow, beige, and brown are all good, homey colors.
  • Cut out a front door and windows. You do this using welding equipment. Hire a welder if you don't know how to do it yourself. Install the door and window glass when you're done. Remember, the door should be on the side of the truck. Windows can be on both sides.
  • Install retractable steps to the front door. You can put them down to use when the truck is parked and draw them up again when the truck is in transit.
  • Install a roof. A flat roof is useable, but a pointed roof is more practical. You can install solar panels on the roof for power and even add a skylight if you want extra light in your home.

3. Build Interior Walls

Use wooden planks and boards to build the frames for walls inside the truck to create rooms within your home. Be sure to include doorways for each room.

4. Put In Your Plumbing and Electricity

According to LotNetDoor-SBP.com, you should attach an RV water tank below the truck, and run plumbing along the skeleton walls to sinks, toilets, your shower and/or bathtub, dishwasher, and washing machine. Do the same thing with wiring for your solar panels, attaching them to outlets wherever you need them and to your hot water heater.

5. Include Heating and Cooling

Portable heaters and air conditioner units are best for a tiny house in a truck. They are safe, don't use much energy, and have wheels on the bottom for easy room changing as needed. Plus, your truck home is small enough that one heater and air conditioner is usually all you need to make the whole place comfortable.

5. Dress Up the Inside of Your Home

Put paneling or drywall over your wall frames to cover up plumbing, wiring, and insulation. Add flooring of your choice, and ceiling tiles or some other ceiling material. Finally, decorate your home as luxuriously as you desire.


Living in a tiny house can be an adventure. It's even more of an adventure when you can take your home and all its creature comforts on the road. Do so in a semi truck. You'll love your new, mobile lifestyle of freedom, simplicity, and savings.